What Is The RPO Concept?

What is the RPO concept? The RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) concept refers to the outsourcing of recruitment processes, which is becoming increasingly relevant as a result of the evolution experienced by recruitment.

Already before the pandemic, the way organizations evaluated and hired talent was changing. 

The digitization of the process, talent attraction strategies, and the constant advancement of new technologies have recalibrated the recruitment process in new and unexpected ways. However, these trends have accelerated even more during these years of change.

What is the concept of “recruitment process outsourcing” (RPO)?

As a result, recruitment has evolved. For example, some value propositions that many companies considered essential to attract and retain talent, such as a pleasant work environment or proximity to public transportation, lost importance as employees began to telecommute. 

At the same time, processes previously considered essential in a recruitment process, such as face-to-face interviews and on-site onboarding, have been transformed and moved online 

We must bear in mind that as a consequence of the events that have occurred in recent years, some companies have experienced sharp drops in income while others have recorded record sales and demand for their products and services. 

Therefore, in many companies the hiring was practically frozen, however, others could not fill the applications quickly enough. Staff planning has become very difficult to predict and manage.

At this point, why are employer brands turning to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)? The reasons are numerous but we mainly highlight two: uncertainty and the reduction of personnel or the elimination of the selection function during the pandemic. 

From Randstad RPO we are responsible for the functions of recruitment, evaluation and selection of talent with detailed reporting and analysis of the service.

At Randstad we have different RPO models that we adapt according to the needs and specialty:

RPO IT Specialty : we manage the selection process for technological profiles, under any of the RPO modalities.

RPO internal mobility specialty : we manage the selection process for internal vacancies, promoting the development and professional aspirations of employees.

RPO scholarships specialty : we take care of the selection and administrative management of your scholarship programs, attracting the best young talent to your company.

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How does RPO work?

RPO, in its many forms, solves different selection challenges . In its beginnings, the main motivation was cost savings, but given the strategic and urgent difficulties that recruitment leaders currently face in an environment of talent shortage, RPO has become the strategic partner of companies to drive access to talent, process efficiencies, technology compliance and analytics. In today’s environment, scalability, industry-specific expertise, and flexibility have taken the lead as drivers for the adoption or continuation of an RPO.

At Randstad RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) we identify, validate and select the best talent to join the company, thus collaborating in achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

From Randstad RPO we are responsible for the search or selection of part or all of the personnel vacancies of a company. For this, we have:

  • A team of expert recruitment consultants with specialized knowledge in different sectors.
  • A pool of talent to which companies have access to find the best candidates.
  • Platforms available to companies for the management of processes and candidates (relevant HR portal), the digital presentation of candidates (relevant match) or the video-interview tool (relevant interview).
  • The best business intelligence tools that allow the reporting with all the necessary information to be built for each case.

RPO is a solution tailored to the business, fully managed by Randstad specialists and integrated with the culture of your company. 

Therefore, in addition, having an RPO is an opportunity to improve employer branding, both online and offline, to stand out as an employer brand in attracting and recruiting talent.

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